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Firearm Storage in Canada

Firearm Storage !  “How do I store my gun/pistol/AR?” “Will a glass case be OK” “My bedside table is locked…”

It simply astounds me that in a country like Canada, where firearm-owners are under strict regulation and scrutiny, that there are so many gunnies who simply don’t understand the law. Firearm storage is the most fundamental aspect.

I would think that given our punitive regime where firearms are concerned, personal pride and interest in the sport would motivate people to be able to teach the law, never mind just try understand it.

But I guess I am wrong. And therefore in the name of cooperation, those of us who do know, need to teach those who are too lazy to find out…

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Conservative Candidates’ Scorecards

The CCFR – The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights has interviewed the Conservative Party Leadership candidates and created report cards. These Conservative Candidates’ Scorecards are a high level snapshot representing a consensus position of the CCFR Board of Directors on where each CPC leadership candidate ranks with regards to firearm rights in Canada.

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