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Sound Moderators

Sound moderator, silencers, whatever you want to call them..

Quick Facts

Sound Moderators reduce the sound of a firearm enough to make it safe.  Often, traditional hearing protection is still recommended in addition to a Sound Moderator.

It is the only piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) whose is banned by the Canadian Government and the law is enforced by the RCMP. Organization like Worksafe etc impose heavy fines for contravention of not wearing PPE in workplace and other locations. Disability claim are rejected because of not wearing PPE. Yet the government doesn’t want to protect peoples’ hearing!!! The laws of this country are BROKEN! Help us fix them!


Our friends at have launched an online petition to show interested MP’s that there is a valid interest by Canadians. The Government of Canada’s Parliamentary E-petition site requires a sitting MP to sponsor any e-petitions. Many MP’s have not heard enough interest by Canadians to take the steps to help us lift the criminal ban on a simple and effective health & safety device.

What can you do?

Sign this easy online petition to show your support Sign the petition


Head over to and read up on the initiative

Write your MP’s and let them know you support this initiative, sample letters available write your MP

Join the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, stand up for your rights Join the fight

Let’s show our MPs (who were elected by YOU and work for US!!!) that there is no valid public safety concern to warrant prohibiting this device.

In Ontario the regulations for sound allowances at ranges changes January 2017. While people like CCFR are busy working on other initiatives, the government has been busy making it impossible for new ranges to be built and existing ones to be compliant. Effectively, they will squeeze us out with non-gun-oriented gun control like sound issues.