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Bill C-42 Update

Firearm Laws Canada

Bill C-42 is law! ┬áHere is the ‘101’:

Quick Facts

  • Effective immediately, these changes to the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code do the following:
    • Make classroom participation in firearms safety courses mandatory for first-time licence applicants;
    • Provide for the discretionary authority of Chief Firearms Officers (CFOs) to be subject to the regulations;
    • Strengthen the Criminal Code provisions relating to orders prohibiting the possession of firearms where a person is convicted of an offence involving domestic violence; and
    • Provide the Governor in Council with the authority to prescribe firearms to be non-restricted or restricted (such prescribing would be informed by independent expert advice).

  • Within the next several months, upon a date fixed by an order in council, the following changes will come into effect:
    • Creation of a six-month grace period at the end of the five-year licence period to stop people from immediately becoming criminalized for paperwork delays around license renewals;
    • Elimination of the Possession Only Licence (POL) and conversion of all existing POLs to Possession and Acquisition Licences (PALs);
    • Authorizations to Transport become a condition of a licence for certain routine and lawful activities such as target shooting; taking a firearm home after a transfer; going to a gunsmith, gun show, a Canadian port of exit; or a peace officer or a Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) for verification, registration or disposal; and
    • Sharing of firearms import information when restricted and prohibited firearms are imported into Canada by businesses.

See here for specifics:

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