Legal Considerations – Are you legal to be in possession?

Do you have guns? Canadian firearm laws are extremely strict. Are you complying with Federal Law?RCMP_LOGO

If you have acquired firearms through a process of inheritance, being a Beneficiary or Executor of a Last Will & Testament, you may need to be federally licensed to be in possession of guns!

We can help you negotiate the way through the legal technicalities of firearm possession, disposal, or eventual ownership. Call us.

We are federally licensed to purchase and/or acquire ‘non-restricted’ (most rifles and shotguns) and ‘restricted’ (some rifles and handguns) firearms in Canada.

If you are in possession of ANY firearm without being appropriately licensed, you are in breach of the law and could go to prison. We suggest you act fast to remedy that situation. Call us to discuss.

Are you unsure of storage laws of your firearms? Read this post.