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Firearm Storage in Canada

Firearm Storage !  “How do I store my gun/pistol/AR?” “Will a glass case be OK” “My bedside table is locked…”

It simply astounds me that in a country like Canada, where firearm-owners are under strict regulation and scrutiny, that there are so many gunnies who simply don’t understand the law. Firearm storage is the most fundamental aspect.

I would think that given our punitive regime where firearms are concerned, personal pride and interest in the sport would motivate people to be able to teach the law, never mind just try understand it.

But I guess I am wrong. And therefore in the name of cooperation, those of us who do know, need to teach those who are too lazy to find out…


All the information is out there. As much as we gun-owners face ‘interpretations’, scrutiny, silly pieces of paper, and a government that is clueless where meaningful laws are concerned, the RCMP does publish most things reasonably well on their websites. Get to know your duties!

Take 76-year-old Mr. Barnes for a minute before we continue. An avid collector, enthusiast, very knowledgable no doubt. The RCMP obvioulsy felt hey had reason to enter his personal affairs. His trauma is described here:

Do you want to face similar? Get smart, educate yourself.

Here is a good starting point:

It carries on for many pages:

Here are some simple-language pointers I find useful:



Thank you to whoever edited those pages.

When in doubt, be bold and safe:

I am proud to be a member of the CCRF! I urge you to become a member, and safeguard your liberties and rights rights with legal advice and legal insurance protection

Do you understand this type of jargon? We do. Let us help you with your firearm needs by calling us.