Firearm Condition Rating Criteria

We use the following criteria to determine the firearm condition rating, or in other words, the mechanical and aesthetic condition, of all firearms we assess. Determining real usage statistics is an imperfect science, and a cycle-count is at best an educated guess.

Condition Description
New New in original box, unfired, uncycled action/slide/bolt/cylinder, manufacturers warranty. No hairline scratches
10 Zero use, uncycled action/slide/bolt/cylinder, in box, all paperwork. No hairline scratches anywhere
9.5 Zero signs of wear, no box or manuals. Not a 10 by virtue only of having being fired with some hairline scratches visible
9 Slight signs of wear and usage only under very close inspection, some brassing from brass shells
8 Light signs of wear and usage. May have small flaws or scratches in blue and stock/grip
7 Moderate signs of wear and usage. May have dings, scratches in blue and stock, a rifle that has been hunted
6 Well used. May have cracks, rust, heavy wear marks. Gas burns on revolvers. A well used barrel
5 Heavy usage. May have dings, scratches, sloppy mechanism, not pretty, seems to function fine. Rifling may be shallow
1 Works with sporadic malfunction. Obvious deficiencies. Requires attention by gunsmith
0 Scrap value, should be disabled, destroyed or surrendered. Zero commercial value.