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We know firearms and the law. Neither are easy for the untrained. Estate lawyers don’t always know either…

If you have suffered a recent loss of a loved one, please accept our most sincere condolences. It is never easy; yet some of the things you least need, get passed on too. Some simply require expert help. We can help with “those guns”.

We assist individuals, families, executors of estates, and beneficiaries navigate through the maze of being in possession of firearms, sometimes suddenly and unexpectedly, potentially illegally.

We can hold your hand through the processes of being legal by facilitating:

  • identification of the collection, no matter what size
  • possession education and certificationEstate Guns
  • legal proof of competency to possess
  • licensing and ownership of firearms
  • valuation and insurance
  • storage, transportation and display requirements
  • disabling of firearms for non-licensed display or collection
  • disposal of dangerous goods like expired gun powders, most reloaded munitions
  • disposal of firearms through donation or sales, either direct or by consignment

We charge for our professional services and disbursements, yet may waive those in certain situations. At times we, or one of our partners such as retail firearms dealers, collectors, museums, do purchase individual guns directly for our collection/inventory. At times we purchase entire collections, typically part of the assets of a deceased estate.

Invite us to discuss your problem. We will determine condition and value your firearm collection at fair market value. If we purchase them, we will pay you directly, or at your wish, donate the said-value to a charity of your choice.Colt M1911A1 Estate Guns

We will always donate a certain percentage of the sales-proceed to a charity of our choice. Typically that is one that furthers outdoor-education, -conservation and wildlife preservation.

Call us to help you. We are Victoria-based and service Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland of BC.

We resell only the finest.  See our inventory list for further information.